Four Kingdoms of Madras

Ballad of Firebeard
By Moonshadow the Magnificent

Firebeard! Firebeard!
Whom ladies loved and elvish feared!
When Gond created him he cheered,
Three cheers for noble Firebeard!

On a ship to Arone town
I met a man of great renown!
Scales he had from head to toe
And in his eyes a cunning glow.

He fought with grace a seaborne scourge
And rid of it just like a purge.
The devil mollusk stood no chance
‘Neath Firebeard’s forceful lance!

Firebeard! Firebeard!
Whom the sea itself revered!
Through thick and thin he persevered!
Three cheers for noble Firebeard!

In Arone town, so fair and clean
Did Firebeard meet the elven queen
He bit his thumb and spat and cursed
And to the dungeon we dispersed

Yet dead of night escape did we
And took a ship out from the quay
Past the bridge of Arone town,
But not ere Firebeard burned it down!

Firebeard! Firebeard!
To the queen he sneered and jeered!
And Mermaid’s Tongue he commandeered!
Three cheers for noble Firebeard!

This is a Library!!
or how to steal a boat...subtley

After exiting the underground passage way from the jail, the group found itself inside the Library of Deneir. It is the one of the two largest libraries in the world, the other being the Library of Aureon in Northos.

Everyone decided to take a moment and learn more bout the objects they were seeking.

Lumerian Sapphire
The group found a book of Dwarven Children’s Tales. In it they read the story of Kelmore and Lumeria. The story was a simple fairy tale about the most beautiful Dwarven princess in the land who, to protect her from corruption and dishonorable men, was locked by her father in a tower guarded by a large black dragon.

Many knights came to challenge the dragon and rescue the princess but all failed. One night, the princess pried a loose stone from the walls of her tower and found a gorgeous gem that she fashioned into a diadem. Using this diadem she found that she could reach out across the world and touch the minds of others. She used this Crown to search for one honorable enough and worthy enough to rescue her. She found Kelmore, a farmer’s son. Kelmore, touched by Lumeria’s mind, decided to make his way across the land to rescue her. ALong the way he became stronger, faster, tougher, smarter. Starting his journey as a boy, and ending it as a man.

He slew the dragon, saved the princess and lived happily ever after.

Royal Cup of Karatos
They found out that the Royal Cup of Karatos could refer to the first cup used by Gond, the father figure of the main religion in Hammerton. The symbol of their order, a cup overflowing, is made manifest in their tradition of filling a cup with wine, dunking Helvan Bread into the cup and causing it to overflow onto their alters. This comes from a story where, to illustrate how charity, love, and peace should wash over everyone, Gond took a full cup and filled it with Bread and sweet herbs causing the wine to overflow and fall to the ground.

“It is the duty of the people to see that their neighbors cup is overflowing.” – Lessons 14:30, The Melorican

Evidence to this point was bolstered by the finding of another book, The Royal Linage of the Edricson Line. It told of how Prior to King Edric and the Tolemic War the royal line in Hammerton was known as Karatos.

Scales of the Priests of Fire
The last book they found was on the religious rituals of the Dragonborn Priests of Fire. Most Dragonborn worship Bahamut. They do this by maintaining an eternal flame that is fed by the sacrifice of its priests. Each year a different colored dragonborn priest must take it upon themselves to cut away their scales and feed the fire. The amount is determined by a sacred blood stone that is weighed against their shaven scales.

After learning all of this info, the group decided to leave Arone….by boat.

Making their way through the city, they managed to avoid capture, though not notice, and get onto the Mermaid’s Tongue. Commandeering the Vessel, Firebeard, along with the rest of the group as crew, managed to get the ship out of the city. Along the way Firebeard Set light to one of the cities bridges, causing it to collapse, and he destroyed the chain that ws meant to keep attacker out or runaways in.

It was then decided that the best course to follow was to head south to Hammerton.

Chasms and Catacombs
Hey look! A Mimic!
A Royal Trial
Red Sky at Night
Definitely not Starro...
The Past Returns
Don't fuck me guys
The Tree in The Ruins
We got a Branch!

The group finally arrived at the Tree of Shrines.

Along the way the ran into numerous refugees fleeing the violence. When they arrived they found multiple members of the Breath of Seteva hurting people and desecrating temples.

The group fought them back and ended up at the base of the tree fighting Groben, and Huthia,. They managed to kill Groban but before they could kill Huthia the unseen hand of Merdathil appeared, confronted his previous apprentice, Galen, and transported Huthia and himself away form the violence.

It was then a large contingent of Magealen soldiers found them. Surrounded by bodies, and the desecrated ruins of shrines.

They managed to convince Terrance that it wasn’t their fault but, just in case, they were going to be escorted north to the capitol of Magela, Arone.

A New Face
Oh...She dead...

Annexes ran off in the middle of the night.

In the morning when the group went to search for her they ran into a traveler along the road who was wearing some of Annexes items. This Drow told them that she handed it to her and ran off into the woods.

They retraced her steps and followed it off the path. They found that she was murdered.
Her body also seemed placed.

While looking at the bodies some bandits jumped them. They easily defeated them and interrogated them as to her death. Turns out they didn’t do it but saw the direction the guy who did went.

The group followed their direction to an empty house. In it they found two children who told them their parents were murdered. Elora sent the children north.

They followed the children’s directions to a water mill where they were confronted by Huthia and Groban. They stunned Groban with images of Dicks and managed to escape knowing more about their plans to the south.

The Road to The Ruins
Trudge Trudge, Slog Slog

On the road south some of the group left the road to resupply at a small Gnomish town.

There they encountered a town almost devoid of life.

After briefly visiting a tavern the group went outside and saw probably the creepiest little girl in the world.

It turned out that she was a banshee and had been terrorizing the town for sometime.

After dispatching her the Gnomes gave them some trinkets and food and supplies and sent them on their way.

Frozen Granite

After coming out on the opposite side of the dimension door everyone found themselves in a seemingly endless cavern with many pillars and arches. Groban had dissapeared.

After spotting some light in the distance the group moved towards it, coming upon a mummified body and note in the process.

After retrieving the note they continued toward the light and met two new travelers inside this cavern. They had become lost while looking for shelter.

Together the now larger group retraced their steps and found a book with a large letter T on it. This turned out to be the Diary of Telmet, it was coded in an easily decipherable code but before any progress could be made on the first page the group was attacked by a very young Ice Dragon.

After defeating the monster they managed to find their way out of the cavern and found themselves in the middle of some woods.

Tim was waiting for them. After berating them for their lack of speed he directed them to the road.

Along the road the group met a passing elven traveller who warned of the trouble to the south at the Tree of Shrines.


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