The Highest High Elf (Deceased)


High Elf, Warlock, deceased.

Clan-brother of Aelar, student of Merdathil.


The Highest High Elf, warlock Galen began on the side of evil, a student of Merdathil.

Realizing that his old master’s plans had a real undercurrent of insane global domination, Galen left Merdathil’s tutelage and began his own path as a wayward warlock, getting into all manner of misadventures that led him to Crasodes and Tim’s original band of branded adventurers.

After the loss of friends like Annexes and Doogie and the death of Merdathil, Galen himself nearly died in Tim’s quest, but was saved via teleport by Gobo. Galen lost his right arm in the teleportation process, but this was replaced by a multi-function prosthesis of Gnomish design.

Randomly, a brain aneurysm struck him down while gazing upon three murals and drastically failing a persuasion save (Nat. 1 – 100%). His body was burned to ash by his Dragonborn ally (and secret, unrequited crush), Captain Firebeard, who shared Galen’s dream of a flying pirate ship.

Before his death, Galen sent a letter to his long-lost “brother,” the roguish Aelar, hoping to reunite with him for what seemed like the final leg of Tim’s quest. Sadly, the clan-brothers were unable to see each other again before Galen’s death / burial-by-fire.


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